May 11, 2022


The 47 th Apimondia Congress in Istanbul was after all a great beekeeping event. The
476 scientific abstracts presented as oral or poster presentations and more than 2.500
visitors, were above expectations, giving the difficult times and the short period for
the organization. There were more than 130 exhibitors in the Apiexpo.
The 216 oral presentations were divided into 23 thematic symposia!
Three Main Symposia were also organised for the first time, focusing on three major
themes. Honey Quality and Authenticity, Climate Change and Nature-based
Beekeeping with 24 guest speakers/ distinguished scientists from around the world.
In addition, roundtables on topics related to Asia and honey from bees without
centres, on topics related to Africa and its specificities, on general topics related to
beekeepers around the world, on beekeeping with less impact from chemicals and on
genetic improvement of bees against Varroa.
Admittedly, the talks were attended by very many participants, the round table
discussions and Main Symposia were dynamic and the participation of beekeepers
and scientists alike was really good. .

SafeAgroBee project had a great representation during all days, with several of the
partners participating, giving talks: Dr. Fani Hatjina gave a speech at the Main
Symposium on Treatment free Beekeeping and presented the programme of the
Scientific Committee on Bee Health at the Opening Ceremony and the highlights of
all the Scientific Committees at the Closing Ceremony. She also presented the the
SafeAgroBee project and the first results of the socioeconomic survey. Dr, Nizar
Haddad, a member of our Advisory Board was an invited speaker in one of the main
symposia about Climate Change. Dr. Dalila Darazy and Dr. Noureddine Adjlane also
presented their work during the scientific sessions.

A large beekeeping gathering like this always gives a great possibility to meet with
friends and colleagues, therefore the SafeAgroBee project organised a gathering over
dinner, with partners, friends, and collaborators.

The next, 48th World Congress of Beekeeping is going to take place in Santiago de
Chile, and the preparations are under way, #chile2023.

Congratulations also to the Danish, Swedish and Norwegian Beekeepers associations
who will be hosting the 49th International Apicultural Congress in Copenhagen,
Denmark, in September 2025! #Apimondia2025