Training on performance tests in greece 30th May 2022

May 3, 2023by fani

Training on

‘Performance tests of honey bee queens’

ELGO-‘DIMITRA’- Department of Apiculture –

Nea Moudania- Chalkidiki,  GREECE

This training entitled “Performance tests of honey bee queens” was part of the WPII work and took place in Greece-Nea Moudania at the premises of the Department of Apiculture, Institute of Animal Science, the Ellinikos Georgikos Organismos “DIMITRA”.

The 1st day of the SafeAgroBee WP II. training in Greece started with a visit on the Museum in Nea Mudania, meeting with the metallic Bee sculpture, visit the beekeeping shop and talk to beekeepers, continue with lectures in the Department of Apiculture, and finished with a tour in Thessaloniki and visit in the ANEL Honey Park! A very full and enjoyable day with lots of beekeeping discussions on the traits used for queen performance evaluations !!!

The 2nd day of SafeAgroBee training of WP II. in Greece was full of demonstrations in the field. Scientists and beekeepers as citizen scientists together!. We were determined to succeed. All steps on each performance tests was recorded, and participants made sure had all the questions answered!