WP V aims at the development, calibration and validation of a set of modelling tools supporting sustainable beekeeping (TRL 4). The modelling tools will allow: i) the evaluation of the landscape carrying capacity, ii) the quantification of the ecosystem services (i.e. pollination) provided by both Apis and non-Apis bees iii) the evaluation of honey bee colony health and iv) the evaluation of the honey bee colony productivity.

Description of work

Task V.1. Sustainability assessment of beekeeping

—Sub-Task V.1.1:models development

—Sub-Task V.1.2 Evaluation of landscape carrying capacity.

—Sub-Task V.1.3 Evaluation of pollination services provision.

—Sub-Task V.1.4. Evaluation of system’s stability and resilience.

Task V.2 Assessment of honey bee health and resilience.

—Sub-Task V.2.1. Definition and validation of the Health Status Index

—Sub-Task V.2.2. Evaluation of the resistance and resilience of honey bee colonies

—Sub-Task V.2.3. Evaluation of honey bee colony productivity