Our Research

Pollination and Climate change
Understanding the provision of bee-driven pollination to crop and honey productions in a changing climate
Pollination and Climate change
Adaptation and performance
Adaptation of honey bee populations - Sustainable Beekeeping Methods - Resistance to diseases
Adaptation and performance
Minimizing bee losses
Minimizing the losses of honey bee colonies - Registering the land use Using organic treatment methods
Minimizing bee losses
 Precision Apiculture Tools
Smart digital technologies – IoT - Precision Apiculture Systems - Information Platform
 Precision Apiculture Tools
Modelling tools
Modelling tools supporting sustainable beekeeping - Health Status Index and pollination services prediction
Modelling tools

Advisory Board


Abram Bicksler, Agricultural Officer, Plant Production and Protection Division, FAO
Roswitha Baumung, Animal Production Officer, Animal Production and Health Division,


Peter Kozmus – Slovenian Beekeepers Association Vice-President of APIMONDIA,


Nikola Kezic, Croatian Queen Breeding Association/ University of Zagreb
Gilles Ratia, International Beekeeping Consultant, Apiservices – Beekeeping Development,
Nizar Haddad, Director General, National Agricultural Research Centre of Jordan,
Dany El-Obeid, Lebanese University, Faculty of Agriculture & Veterinary Sciences,
Anna Gajda, Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Department of Pathology and Veterinary Diagnostics,

Dissemination Strategy


Trainings in new methodology and new tools, for partners as well as for citizen scientists

Broadcasts - Events

Regular broadcasts and posts in social media and local journals, open conferences engaging stakeholders


Two newsletters per year and open access published material

Stakeholders engagement

A socio-economic survey to record the knowledge, expectations and needs of the


Words from the coordinator

In SafeAgroBee project we took the challenge in contributing from one side to the adaptation of bees and from the other side to the mitigation of the climate change effects around the Mediterranean Basin. We aim to gain more knowledge for ensuring sustainable beekeeping and adequate pollination services.
Fani Hatjina


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