SafeAgroBee’s Consortium in France 2023

February 28, 2023by fani


2023 will likely be a memorable year for SafeAgroBee partners, as it got off to a good start with promising outcomes.

Following the open conference in 30 January 2023, SafeAgroBee partners joined the next day for a full day consortium. After several virtual meetings, they were finally able to meet again, this time in person.

As they forged ahead with their discussions, they tackled many topics including field experiments, challenges and lessons.


The consortium was also hosted online for the ones who couldn’t attend live.

A quick overview from each team was given about the field experiments. They presented what they did last year of 2022 for the pollination experiments on apple and sunflower plants concerning Work Package I task I. In the meantime, the results are being gathered and there have been some comparisons, which lead to interesting analysis.

Many topics followed the Work Package I results, from carrying capacity experiments to MiBeez portal devices, platform and sensor updates, to new experiments concerning pollen deposition on pistils.


Everyone had the chance to visit the EGCE/IDEEV apiaries, the indoors hive, and its solitary bee nests, and they observed the colonies under the RFID tests running.




We hope to get as many results as possible, and our ability to turn a challenge into an outcome can be possible by our devoted commitment and arduous efforts.