An international study reveals the impact of climate change on pollination of Golden Apple orchards

May 23, 2023by fani


Les Vergers de la Haye” are proud to collaborate with Clémence Riva, postdoctoral researcher, IRD (Institut de Recherche pour le Développement) at the EGCE laboratory in Gif-sur-Yvette, in collaboration with the team of Fabrice REQUIER, as part of the international Safe Agro Bee project.

In a world facing a worrying decline in pollinating insects, the security of crop pollination has become a major issue. This project aims to better understand the impact of climate change on the pollination service of crops, particularly Golden apple trees. The experiments in the orchards are also carried out with five other partner countries, in seven different regions.

This year, Clémence Riva devoted herself to observing the orchards of six producers in Île-de-France, thanks to the precious collaboration of the Association “Plaine de Versailles.” This is the second year of this fruitful study with Antoine, arborist at “Les Vergers de la Haye”, as well as with “La Ferme de la Haye.”

Clémence and Elia (student at Bordeaux Sciences Agro) in the orchards

The research focuses on several key variables, such as the diversity of pollinators present in orchards, the dependence of Golden apple trees on insects, the potential pollination deficit and the relative effectiveness of different pollinators, all in the context of a climate gradient.

One method to study these parameters is to deliberately exclude pollinators by placing fine mesh bags over certain flowers, preventing insects from gaining access to them. By comparing the results of this condition with those where the flowers are not covered, it becomes possible to understand the importance of insects in the pollination of apple trees and, therefore, in the production of fruit.

Pollinator exclusion bag with view of an Osmia (solitary bee that participates in pollination in the orchard)

“Les Vergers de la Haye”, is keen to promote sustainable practices and ensure the quality of their products, are delighted to participate in this innovative study.


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